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8 Easy Steps To Choosing A Humidifier

A humidifier is an appliance that helps to increase humidity in your home and make the air less dry. Dry air can cause several problems such as chapped skin, nose bleeds, skin allergies, ruined wood furniture, etc; all of which can effectively be taken care of by a humidifier. However, you cannot simply go out and buy the first one that you come across. There are several factors that need to be considered while choosing a humidifier. These are:

1) Size of the unit: The size of the humidifier will be determined by the size of the area that you wish to humidify. If you want to add humidity to specific areas in your home, you should go in for portable humidifiers or room humidifiers.

However, if you want the comforts of properly humidified air in your entire home, you should choose a whole house humidifier. In addition to the area of your home, you will also need to consider how well insulated the area is. Rooms that have complete insulation can do with a smaller sized humidifier, whereas areas that do not have very good insulation may need a larger unit.

2) Cool Mist v/s Warm Mist Humidifier: Before you settle on a specific humidifier, you need to choose between cool mist and warm mist humidifiers. As the names suggest, a cool mist humidifier adds humidity to your indoor air by spraying a cool mist. Such a unit is great for those who live in areas with a warm climate.

On the other hand, a warm mist humidifier is one which moistens air by spraying a warm mist. This type of humidifier is ideal if you live in cooler climes. People who live where it is naturally hot sure do not want to go in for a warm mist humidifier! Also, if you need a humidifier for a child's room, a warm mist unit is better than a cool mist one.

3) Humidstat: A humidstat is a device that helps to control the humidity levels in your home. Keeping humidity at levels of 45%-50% is ideal as this helps to solve all problems created by dry air. If humidity increases to more than 50%, the air serves as a breeding ground for dust mites, mold spores etc as they get adequate moisture for survival. Hence it

becomes necessary to maintain relative humidity, which can easily be done with a humidstat. Thus, you should choose a humidifier with a built-in automatic humidstat so that you do not have to worry about over humidifying your home.

As a humidstat helps to control humidity, it shuts off the humidifier when relative humidity is achieved. This also helps to lower your electricity bills.

4) Mineral Dust: With some humidifiers you will notice that after a few hours of keeping the unit running, you can see a thin white film of dust on your furniture etc. This is known as mineral dust and can have negative health effects. Thus, you should ensure that the humidifier that you choose does not disperse any kind of mineral dust.

5) Automatic Shut Down: Humidifiers that do not have an automatic shut down option can be a fire hazard if not shut down manually when the water runs out. If the motor is left running for any length of time, and if it burns down, you could have a serious problem on your hands. Thus, while choosing a humidifier, make sure that it has automatic shut off.

6) Cleaning and Maintenance: Some humidifiers need to be filled with water and rinsed out daily or every second day. Such frequent cleaning is quite a chore and may cause you great inconvenience. The filters of such humidifiers also need to be cleaned and changed regularly, thus adding to your cleaning efforts and maintenance costs. So, while picking out a humidifier, make sure that it is easy and convenient to clean (in keeping with your schedule) and that it does not have very high maintenance costs. Buying a humidifier with filters that never need to be changed may be the way to go for those who do not have too much spare time.

7) Level of Noise: Although all humidifiers are bound to make some noise, there are some units that can be extremely noisy. But noisy is a relative concept and differs from person to person. However, if you are very sensitive to noise and find that noisy appliances disturb you a great deal, then the sound level of your humidifier could be a concern for you.

Thus, you should check out how noisy a humidifier can get before you choose to buy it.

8) Cost: This again differs from person to person. Within your budget, you should try and look for a humidifier that has the maximum capacity and added features. But while considering cost, you not only have to account for the initial buying price of the humidifier, but also its operating and maintenance costs.

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Reviewing the top Humidifiers To improve your health and Happiness

Humidifiers are ideal for you. It's perfect for any home as it decontaminates the air circulating in your home, and makes breathing simpler for you. This is this is the reason you need to prefer to pick the best humidifier to your home. There are numerous leading brands of humidifiers for instance Honeywell, Holmes, Bemis and Bionaire but humidifier ratings, you're going to get to decide on which brand will give you the best results.

Best Whole-House Humidifier:

If you want all of your the place to find experience optimum humidity, choose Aprilaire entire house humidifier. Aprilaire whole house humidifier was first introduced in 1954 and is also regarded as the first evaporative, flow-through design humidifier. It's directly installed in your heating or cooling system and functions by delivering water vapor to increase humidity. The distribution tray is full of water and vapor is evenly spread through the water panel. Humidified air is dispensed over the air conditioning system canal in your home. Only Aprilaire humidifiers have Automatic Digital Humidifier Control that monitors outdoor temperature and indoor level of humidity and in addition give you reminders in maintenance and safe use.

Whole-house humidifiers come with an advantage on portable ones because whole-house humidifiers have the ability to control humidity levels all savings around your house and offers your ideal quantity of humidity you will need.

Best Warm-Mist Humidifier:

Based on reviews of users, the best warm mist humidifier is Honeywell Warm Mist Humidifier. Warm mist humidifiers do top in reducing sinus-related problems, headaches and infections. Honeywell assures you of an healthier feeling. This humidifier has adjustable humidistat that maintains the selected level of moisture. It automatically shuts once the desired humidity level is reached and supplies you with power, refill and desired humidity lights. Unlike oth er humidifiers, the tank is see-through so that you can easily decide if it needs filling.
Cheapest Humidifier:

Should you be looking for any cheap but working and fresh humidifier, you ought to opt for Holmes Humidifier. It could be bought online with all the starting price of $25. Besides its affordable, it is usually a good humidifier and you are still assured of the quality. Holmes boasts a number of models and you will choose for either cold-mist or warm-mist humidifier. Holmes cold-mist humidifiers have FilterCheck monitors that look into the filter condition. What's more, it has Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection that stops the growth of odor causing bacteria and mold that may modify the performance from the humidifier.

Sleek-Looking Humidifier:

Do you need a humidifier that wont clash your d?cor? Well, Bionaire humidifier is perfect for you. The Bionaire tower humidifier doesn't disagree with your interior planning due to its black and silver color combination. Its doesn't take space and you can just put it in t he corner of your room A great feature of Bionaire humidifier is its Bionaire Filters with CarbonX. Using this type of, contaminants and unique odor are filtered with the odor-absorbing carbon. This brand even offers a Microban Antimicrobial Product protection that stops the increase of bacteria, molds and also other pollutants that can harm the parts.

Like other humidifiers, Bionaire humidifiers may either be warm-mist or cool-mist and choosing what's best is often a couple of taste. Additionally, it has a humidistat that helps you monitor and alter the humidity level. It also includes a filter change reminder that lets you know whether the filter needs changing or cleaning.

Pro-Healthier Air Humidifier:

Bemis Humidifier, rather than using heat or ultrasound, uses natural technique of evaporation in humidifying environmental surroundings. Applying this natural process, white dust or residues from mineral drop out are avoided. Therefore, it a llows healthier air to circulate around your property. Bemis humidifiers can either be cold-mist or warm-mist and so they go in different sizes that suit your needs. It also includes a built-in humidistat that monitors the humidity level automatically.

Humidifiers help provide good quality air for you and your loved ones. Pick the brand which is suited to your requirements and your financial budget. It doesn't need to be expensive, you only need to know which brand will match your needs and definately will give you optimum results.

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Top Home Assembly Jobs That Pay

Looking for work is not always so easy these days. More and more people are finding themselves in need of a paycheck so that they can pay off their bills every month. Home assembly jobs actually offer a lot more than the basis part time position and will easily help anyone out as long as they know what they should be doing. To get started, read these excellent tips and learn how it all will work.

Employing the right kind of smarts is certainly going to put an individual on the right path. There are some great jobs out there for those who want to assemble from home, but there are also some aspects to be weary of. Most of the time there is no need for an individual to even provide a credit card so steer clear of the sites that ask for some sort of fee just to do some work for them. The whole point here it to actually get paid, not pay other people.

Think about the actual amount of time that is currently available for this. Home assembly jobs doe require a decent amount of time during the day and most have the freedom to work when they want. Some will work overnights and then send it all out in the morning, while others choose to work a full 40 hour week and take their weekends of. It simply depends on what people are aiming to make in terms of pay.

Before signing up and getting started, be sure to look into the various companies that are offering some of this work. These jobs are not always so secure, most companies just want to have someone come in and pick up where a different person left off. Do some background research to make sure that they are in fact reputable and will not be scamming anyone out of their money anytime soon.

Those who are having some problems finding what they need will be able to tap into different directories. These are found online and can be used by anyone who wants a job. However, the companies that are known for scamming could operate here so it might make the search a lot more difficult. Simply browse and see what is available and make a few inquiries.

Local events are often looking for assembly workers. In fact, most of these event planners will offer ads to get people to come in and take some work off of their hands. The events could range from the simple wedding all the way to the large festival that will demand a lot of work. Simply get in touch with different people and interview with them before getting the work and agreeing on the payment.

Those who do invest their time in this will make some good money. There are plenty of people that are working every day and making a decent check. The hours are flexible and the individual is pretty much working for themselves. As long as the work is done on time, there should be nothing to worry about.

Looking for home assembly jobs should be relatively easy. There are so many different options out there that can help out immensely. Start right now and enjoy the extra money that comes shortly after beginning.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Finding Legitimate Home Assembly Jobs

Finding legitimate home assembly jobs proves to be a dilemma for many. And rightly so because this is a field that is laden with scams. Let me explain how this works in many home assembly jobs.

The company requires you to choose an assembly kit upfront. They state that your job is to assemble the product and then return it to them. At that point, they will pay you for your work as long as it meets their standards.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it would be an ideal arrangement if the company came through on their promise. The problem is, your work will most likely be rejected for not meeting their standards. Then, you are stuck with the rejected merchandise and out your upfront investment for the assembly kit.

This is the scam. The company has your money for the assembly kit but you will never see any money back for your work.

Are there any legitimate home assembly jobs? There could be, but because the field is so full of scams, you would do best to avoid this type of job. You could assemble the kit and then sell it outright on your own, as long as that does not go against the company's policy. But then you have to find your own customers, which may not be an easy task.

You should always check out any home assembly jobs with the Better Business Bureau and also do a search on Google. Put in the company's name + scam and see what comes up. Read through several reviews to get a real look at whether the company is legitimate or not.

Another field that is similar is the "making crafts" niche. You may run into the same scenario as with the assembly jobs. The best way to start a business doing this sort of job is to make the craft and then sell it at craft shows, online, etc. In other words, plan on finding your own customers and selling your crafts outright.

Sadly, scams have become all too common today. It has made finding legitimate home assembly jobs and craft jobs very difficult. One thing you can do is to visit local businesses that do this sort of thing and ask if there is any work that can be done at home. In this case, you know who you are dealing with. If they have been around for a while, it is a good sign.

If you do not success in finding any legitimate home assembly or craft jobs, there are many other ways to work successfully from the comfort of your own home.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Highlights on Home Assembly Jobs

Its been reported that more than 20-million people now work at home doing jobs that earn them good money. Working at home has steadily become more popular. Best of all, home workers are in great demand and are needed immediately by established, reputable, large and small companies. The demand for hand made items has become overwhelming and many companies don't have the man power to keep up with their orders. They've learned that they can use assemblers to do the work out of their own home. In order to compete with foreign manufacturers, companies use home workers to cut their costs. The companies do all the selling! All they want you to do is to follow their easy instructions, and pay you for the completed work.

Many positions require no previous experience and some companies are even willing to train you to perform the type of work they desperately need completed. Each company is different, but most will send you the required mater ials along with simple, easy-to-understand directions. You simply do the work at your own pace and return the completed items for payment. Some may require that you supply your own simple tools like a sharp pair of scissors, a glue gun or a screwdriver. If other special tools are needed they are often included in the startup materials you receive from the company.

These companies offer Assembly Work At Home opportunities that will pay you by the hour or by the piece, pay you a commission or a percentage of the profits. You can set up your own business or work directly for them, whichever you prefer.

You can be a homemaker with young children at home, a college student needing some extra cash, someone who is retired but wants to keep busy, or even a person needing a full time job. If you're willing to work, you too can earn money - GOOD MONEY - by working full or part-time from the comfort of your own home.

Home Assembly Jobs is part of the growing market in hand made items. Many companies that offer hand made items can't supply enough workers to fill orders. Assemblers can make the products right out of their homes and usually for less cost than hiring workers. Also, machines can't duplicate hand made work.

Home Assembly Jobs usually requires no investment o f tools on your part. Most of the tools to make their products are ones most people already own. Tools such as a hot glue gun, screwdrivers, hammers, and a pair of scissors are all that is needed. Connectors such as nuts and bolts are provided along with at the other necessary parts. All you have to do is assemble the finished product.

So let me introduce you Home Assembly Jobs Package which is an extensive Directory Listing of assembly companies that hires people for assembly work at home jobs and includes information on their products, pay scale, and how to contact them. At present there are over 1,200+ assembly companies and more than two thousand items to assemble.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Combating Child labour through education


The complicated issue of child labour is a developmental issue that needs to be thoroughly researched. World Vision India believes that children are being exploited and forced into labour, if they are not attending any school regularly and there is a need to develop a strong strategy to address this issue.

India continues to host the largest number of child labourers in the world today. According to the Census 2001, there were 12.7 million economically active children in the age-group of 5-14 years. The number was 11. 3 million during 1991 (Population Census) thus showing an increase in the number of child labourers.

Education is one of the critical element of any effective attempt to purge child labour. There are a number of factors that leads to a particular child to become a child labourer.

The child labour and education is strongly inter-linked. According to National Human Rights Commission of India, child labour can never be eradicated unless compulsory primary education up to the age of 14 is implemented.

In this paper, the author attempts to deal with the causes of child labour in India? How do governmental policies affect it? What role does education play in regard to child labour in India? The current state of education in India has been examined and how it is contributing to child labour. A critical analysis of the answers to these questions may lead in the direction of a possible solution.

Definition of child labour

There is no single universally accepted definition of child labor.' Concepts and definitions are varied and sometimes vague. Some authors argue that child labor is such a complex phenomenon that a single definition that captures all its facets is simply not possible. Child labor is regarded as a social construct which differs by actors, history, context and purpose (Weston 2005).

Basically, the child laborers are the child workers involved in the odd jobs that are harmful to their overall development. These children are economically active and play a role in contributing to the family income.

World Bank describes child labor as a serious threat' from the point of view of the harm it can do to long term national investment (Weston 2005). The ILO relates the phenomenon to the harm done to children by their current engagement in certain types of economic activity. UNICEF emphasizes that the issue goes way beyond the concerns of investment or its relation to economic activity, and includes several aspects of domestic work which conflicts with the best interest of the child (Huebler 2006).

Poverty as the reason for low school participation?

Child labour is closely associated with poverty. Many poor families are unable to afford school fees or other school costs. The family may depend on the contribution that a working child makes to the household's income, and place more importance on that than on education. And when a family has to make a choice between sending either a boy or girl to school, it is often the girl who loses out.

"Most child labour is rooted in poverty. The way to tackle the problem is clear. We must ensure that all children have the chance of going to school, we need social protection systems that support vulnerable families particularly at times of crisis and we need to ensure that adults have a chance of decent work. These measures, combined with effective enforcement of laws that protect children, provide the way forward", Ms Thomas, Director of the ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) said.

It is commonly believed that the demand for school education is low because of the large scale poverty in our country. This notion has been discussed in various forums that the poor parents cannot afford to send their children to school because they cannot miss the income of their children as wage workers or household help.

It is widely agreed that the main forces driving child labour are poverty and lack of education (Basu et al., 2009; Ravallion and Wodon, 2000). Children are a financially viable source of labour for poor parents, so it is no surprise when one finds children involved in some level of domestic labour in rural economies (Ravallion and Wodon, 2000). With the assumption that child labour and schooling are substitutes, greater labour opportunities may be drawing children out of school at an early age. As a result, this may be further contributing to intergenerational poverty (Ravallion and Wodon, 2000).

Poverty has been the most common explanation given for lack of school attendance and greater incidence of child labour (Jensen and Nielson, 1997; Basu et al., 2009; Ravallion and Wodon, 2000). The decision to send a child to work is closely linked to whether they are sent to school. Parents in poor households may be less likely to enrol their children in schooling even though the long-run impact of schooling may deter them from future poverty. Sometimes households simply cannot afford it despite how altruistic the parents may be.

In the case of large families, being born early in the birth order may have significant advantages, as the probability of being in a small family is much higher (Patrinos and Psacharopoulos, 1997). Large households have the advantage of diversifying their tasks. Therefore, birth order and gender may play an integral role in determining who goes to school and who does not. Older children may be required to substitute for the parent in the labour force or in the household (Patrinos and Psacharopoulos, 1997), while younger children may be more likely to attend school.

Apart from the income of the family other factors play an important role in the decision of parents to send their children to school or to work. Experience shows that the exclusion of certain groups, existing social norms, tradition, parental ignorance, indifference from the government and no education system (or a badly run education system) are the some of the other determinants for parents not to send their children to school. According to Shantha Sinha, director of the MV Foundation, child labour exists in communities where: there is no tradition to send children to schools and little social pressure to be able to do so; existing social norms accept child labour, parents do not have an alternative and employers take advantage of the situation; the educational system does not want to register and educate poor, lower class children.

Right to Education & the Child labour

Education helps in empowering people economically and socially; but the lack of access to quality education can lead to increased number of child labourers. As per the Right to Education bill, every child has the right to free and compulsory education upto 14 years of age which builds the foundation of one's life. It is our responsibility to give the school bags to these children rather than the rag bags and help them to get their right.

The linkage between child labour and education has been openly discussed but not yet applied at a policy level. Education as a main player in ending the child labour must come into the centre stage of all the child labour discussions. In the Millennium Development Goals the United Nations and the broader international community set targets of ensuring that by 2015 all boys and girls complete a full course of primary education and that there is gender parity in education.

These targets cannot be met unless the factors that generate child labour and prevent poor families from sending children to school are addressed. Among the most important steps required are:

Implementation of free and compulsory education; Dealing with the barriers to girls education; Ensuring that children have access to a school which is child friendly and a safe and has quality learning environment; Making available accelerated education opportunities for children and youth who have so far missed out on formal schooling; Tackling with the nationwide shortage of professionally trained teachers; Raising public awareness to tackle child labour.

As per the Government records, about 12 million children are engaged in child labour and are out of school. Since April 1, 2010 education has become the right of every child in India but unfortunately, the Right to Education Act has not made any specific provision to bring the child labours back into regular school.

The Right to Education Act makes elementary education compulsory for 6-14 year old to improve the lives of children. But what about those children who are working as labourers, as domestic help?

Despite the fact that child labour is a huge obstacle to attain the goal of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and also to implement the right to education bill, the bill doesn't talk about the issue of child labour that how it would help in tackling this massive problem which is so deeply rooted in our communities that it is in fact a very difficult task to uproot it.

As a part of the civil society, we need to raise our voices to make the government realize that there is a need of the special packages for children who are working because RTE will be meaningful only if these children are brought into the fold of mainstream schooling.

Why is quality education so important?

Quality education offers the children an opportunity to think, make choices, take decisions and form their own opinion. The importance of basic education for all children is expressed in the combined mandate of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the Child Labour Conventions 138 and 182 of the International Labour Organisations (ILO) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) aimed at the realisation of basic education for all children (boys and girls) by the year 2015. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, under the flagship of government of India, also aims to provide useful and relevant elementary education for all children in the age group of 6 14 years.

The elimination of child labour is interlinked with the provision of free, full-time, formal quality education. Experience shows that many children do not have a choice but to work because there are no good schools available or because they are not inspired to attend the school. The need of the hour is to bring some revolution in the area of school education to implement right to free and compulsory quality education to combat the child labour.

Building schools and enrolling children is not enough to retain these children in the schools. It is also essential to improve the quality of education in our schools to decrease the drop out rate and ultimately reduce the child labour incidences. One of the reasons of child labour is the poor quality of education. Children don't know how to read and write. There is lack of teachers and sometimes there are no teachers in the schools. If the teachers are there, they don't come to the school regularly because most of the teachers come from far off places and they don't want to stay in the village. So they come once in 2-3 months, put the attendance in the register and go back. Parents think that what is the use of sending our children to schools when there is no teacher in the school and therefore it's better to send them to work so that they can also contribute to the family income.

Besides poverty, poor quality of education is another contributing factor to child labour. On one hand we talk about the free and compulsory education for children but we ignore the fact that even if the schools are there, 100% children are enrolled but teachers don't come to the school. Parents send their wards to school but after sending regularly for some time they found that teacher doesn't come to the school and if s/he comes, s/he don't teach the children. Their children doesn't know how to read and write and do simple arithmetic, automatically they stopped sending their children to school. After some time, parents send their children to work since they are not attending the school and doing nothing. According to government data, there are approximately 440 million children population in India and out of it about 96% children are enrolled in schools but what about the 4% children who are left out. The table given below shows the quality of education in our schools th rough learning outcomes of children of I VIII classes.

Class-wise % of children who can read


Cannot read capital letters

Can read capital letters

Can read small letters

Can read simple words

Can read easy sentences

































































Source: ASER 2009

The above table shows that there are about 19.5% children who cannot read capital letters and only about 23.2% children can read easy sentences. It can be interpreted from the above data that the quality of education is very poor, as it can be seen that only 60.2% children, studying in VIII standard, can read simple sentences.

Class-wise % Children Who Can Do Arithmetic



Recognize Numbers




1 9

11 - 99
































































Source: ASER 2009

The above table shows that there are only about 68.7% children in standard VIII who knows how to divide and children learn division in class III. Only about 20.8% children in class VIII, knows subtraction. The above data proves that the quality of education is poor. The government is focusing only on the enrolment but what about the issue of learning outcomes of children studying in different classes.

Class-wise % Children Attending Tuition Classes




























Source: ASER 2009

The above table is showing the trend how children studying in government schools are attending the tuition classes to improve their learning outcomes.

Facilities in School

% school with

Classes I IV/V

Classes I VII/VIII







No facility of water







No facility of toilets







Source: ASER 2009

The above table clearly shows that how badly our schools lack these basic facilities. How can we expect children to sit for 5 6 hours without drinking water and without going for the toilet. The major problem is faced by the girls who are in elementary classes and because of lack of toilets majority of them dropped out from the school.According to Mr. Kapil Sibal, Union Minister of Human Resource Development; about 35% of schools in India do not have the toilets (The Hindu, 28/04/10).

Do parents realise the importance of education?

Many parents in rural areas are not aware of the importance of education. Some of the parents consider work a more natural activity than going to school. Therefore, it is very important to bring change in our culture and make it a social norm that child labour is offensive. Once traditional values have been broken, parents want their children to go to school. Experiences from India show that even the children from the poorest families are well aware of the changes education can offer to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty and ignorance.

A Real Over-comer

This is a story of a boy called Gomma Mahoto, who lives with his two younger brothers, a sister and his old mother Kali Mahoto in a village of Nunia Panchayat that falls in the forest area of Dumaria Block, which is almost unreachable.

His father died 11 years back when he was just 8 years old. Due to the severe poverty in which his family was living in, Gomma at such a young age used to work as a child labor in a hotel during the day time and in the evening, he used to spend his time in a nearby cycle repairing shop to gain some additional money for his family. He did not get discouraged by the situation he was in, but every time he wanted to challenge it bravely. He also had a dream about his future, he used to say "I will become an Engineer and he started attending classes in his village school along with his two brothers and sister and as soon as the school would finish would go to work in the hotel & cycle store for earning some money, as he had a deep concern for his family.

Through the Village Development Committee of Nunia village, the ADP extended help to Gomma mahoto in the way of Coaching classes and educational assistance. He completed his 10th std. examination(Matriculation) with 68.8% of marks and he also secured 100% in Mathematics. In Intermediate Course (I. Sc.) he has secured 1st Division with 70% marks. Now he pursuing B.Sc. Part 1 with Mathematics Honours. He also helps in conducting Tuition classes in his free time.

Gomma Mahoto has become a role model for the other children in the community. He was part of the team of children, who were earlier Child laborers and have now rehabilitated through various WV initiatives. He had an opportunity to meet and share his experiences to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the then President of India in 2007. Looking at his past Gomma said, those who have a dream, always believe in doing things positively and in a different way.

Nothing is impossible until and unless you have a strong desire, which supports to make your way forward. Thanks to World Vision for the Support in building his future.

Gomma Mahoto along with the other former Child labourers is standing next to

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India

It has shown that if the children get the financial support, these parents make sure that their children go to and stay in schools. They no longer want their children to work. Instead of worrying about the lost income they invest more in their children from the belief that education is the means to offer them a better future ultimately.

Rasoi village of Birdha block, Lalitpur, UP, is one of the village where electricity has not reached. Shankarlal is 16year old student of 11th class of this village was not able to study in night so he had to study in sun light only, and he was very much worried about his marks. When he was in 10th class, he received solar light set from Aparajita ADP, World Vision India. Due to solar light system he was able to study in night & he passed 10th class exam with good marks. Now his life is totally changed, there is still no electricity in the village, so he started study classes in the evening time under the solar light. 35students are attending his classes regularly & paying Rs. 50/- each as fees. He is in the 11th class & he is able to continue his study on his own.


The private sector must play a major rule in inclusive education, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said while suggesting a slew of innovative measures to encourage the sector to provide education to the less privileged.

Government schools premises, he said, could be given to the private sector for conducting evening classes with 50 percent students from less privileged sections.

"Municipal and government schools can be given to the business class after school hours. You can run skill development centres or evening schools. Take 50 percent students from the less privileged class, government can pay their expense. Rest 50 percent can pay their fee" Sibal said while delivering the 38th Shri Ram memorial lecture here.

Describing human resource development as the most important factor for sustaining economic growth, Sibal said 70 percent of the working population was under qualified with no primary education.

It is essential to take a more active move towards child labour that includes child domestic labour also, by developing specific strategies, to be able to mainstream all children under the age of fourteen into schools.
Governments are responsible for the educational system and they should take up this responsibility. It is not only important that quality education is offered to children already in school. It is important that there is a need to develop a strategy to mainstream working and other non-school-going children below the age of fourteen into formal, full-time education.

It is also critical to establish a norm that work must never be a hindrance for children to attend school. As long as the community is accepting that children work instead of going to school, child labour and low school participation will not be eradicated. So there is a need to create the mass awareness about the importance of education and also that education is the right of every boy and girl.


Huebler, Friedrich (2006), Child labor: What is wrong with published statistics?, "Something to think about" Bulletin no. 39 March 2006, Internal bulletin sponsored by Global Policy Section, Division of Policy and Planning, UNICEF New York. Weston, B. (2005), Child Labor and Human Rights: Making Children Matter. Lynne Rienner Publishers. Basu, Kaushik; "Child Labor: Cause, Consequence and Cure with Remarks on International Labor Standards," Journal of Economic Literature, September 1999.

_______; The Economics of Child Labor", Scientific American, October, 2003.

_______; "The Global Child Labor Problem: What do we Know and What Can we do", (with

Zafiris Tzannatos), World Bank Economic Review, 2003.

Ravallion, M., and Wodon, Q. (2000), Does child labour displace schooling? Evidence on behavioural responses to an enrollment subsidy, The Economic Journal 110, C158-C175. Jensen, P., and Nielsen, H.S. (1997), Child labor or school attendance?: Evidence from Zambia, Journal of Population Economics 10, 407-424. Patrinos, H.A., and Psacharopoulos, G. (1997), Family size, schooling and child labor in Peru: An empirical analysis, Journal of Population Economics 10, 387-405.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Brian Kane Gotham Forest Products

Brian Kane Owner

Another previously common wood for building was the American Chestnut. Beginning in 1904, a chestnut blight spread across the US killing billions of American Chestnuts. Before the wood was destroyed, it was used to build barns and other structures, which preserved the wood for later reuse when these structures were later dismantled.

The type of stain will have different effects, accentuate or obscure, wood grain and neither is superior to the other. Most commercial stains contain both dye and pigment and the degree to which they stain the appropriate wood is mostly dependant on the length of time they are left on the wood. Pigments, regardless of the suspension agent, will not give much color to very dense woods but will deeply color woods with large pores (i.e. oak). Dyes are translucent and pigments are opaque.

Gel stains are more akin to paint and have little penetrating ability.

Gotham Forest Products Lumber :Sawmi lls became widespread in medieval Europe again, as one was sketched by Villard de Honnecourt in c. 1250.[5] They are claimed to have been introduced to Madeira following its discovery in c. 1420 and spread widely in Europe in the 16th century.[6]
By the 11th century, hydropowered sawmills were in widespread use in the medieval Islamic world, from Islamic Spain and North Africa in the west to Central Asia in the east.

Gotham Forest Products Wood

For convenience we refer to lumber by its nominal dimensions, which are larger than the actual dimensions (see above table). Nominal dimensions traditionally referred to rough lumber, but the size is reduced in drying and planing. Early standards called for the rough lumber to be of full nominal dimension when dry, but the requirements have decreased through time. The typical finished 1 inch board in the 1910s was 13/16; this was reduced by 4% in 1929 and by another 4% in 1956, resulting in the current standard of 3/4 inch.


Reuse Existing Lumber in Renovations
Gotham offers end to end service of removing existing lumber, storage, design assistance, remilling of the lumber and the installation.

Gotham Forest Products Brian Kane : Reclaimed lumber is as versatile as new lumber and can be manufactured into virtually any product. Gotham operates a full service design and work shop. Products include, but are not limited to:
# Wood Flooring
# Exposed Beams
# Doors
# Mantles
# Tables
# Chairs
# Bookcases
# Windows
# Outdoor living - benches, chairs, planters
# Dimensional Lumber

Gotham Forest Products Brian Kane After being applied, the film-forming substances in varnishes either harden directly, as soon as the solvent has fully evaporated, or harden after evaporation of the solvent through certain curing processes, primarily chemical reaction between oils and oxygen from the air (autoxidation) and chemical reactions between components of the varnish. Resin varnishes "dry" by evaporation of the solvent and harden almost immediately upon drying. Acrylic and waterborne varnishes "dry" upon evaporation of the water but experience an extended curing period.

Brian Kane Gotham Forest Products For convenience we refer to lumber by its nominal dimensions, which are large r than the actual dimensions (see above table). Nominal dimensions traditionally referred to rough lumber, but the size is reduced in drying and planing. Early standards called for the rough lumber to be of full nominal dimension when dry, but the requirements have decreased through time. The typical finished 1 inch board in the 1910s was 13/16; this was reduced by 4% in 1929 and by another 4% in 1956, resulting in the current standard of 3/4 inch.

More results:
Gotham Forest Products Reclaimed Lumber Brian Kane Lumber Gotham Forest Products Brian Kane

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Home Products

The house where we live is very nice. In this world there are many decorative things like windows, doors, carpets, curtains, decorations are also many other things to sell. Most of the house was made ornaments are building a stranger to find the house as is the case. Thus, the decorations of a house have a significant impact on many people. But in this world, there are many in the house that are well decorated and had a great impact on people. But in this world there are many ways to decorate your home. Most of these ornaments will be good for you and is also available in high quality. Most useable products which we use in home are there are Cleaning products, Kitchen, Bed & Bath, Laundry, Air and water purifiers, Baby care, Automotive, pets and etc these are the basic products for home Find products and get ideas from there .

Stanley home products offer people the opportunity to stay home to do good business from scratch. Stanley Home Products create a safe way to earn extra income is the standard price per month. These guides offer products and ways to make a better life, but also help explain why employees stay home alone are not as often and much more. Over ninety percent of stay at home businesses or companies does not explain the products to the home of Stanley and many of these problems.

Also Stanley Home Products is a person who wants to stay home and work, but stay at home and work outside the computer. Network marketing are also encouraged to buy this product also is useful for marketing. All the hype and lies to stay home? Stanley home products answer this question. The exaggeration and falsehood of their duties and / or employment is such that many people dream and hope to build a pleasant stay at home online businesses to move further into society not just dot-com was back before.

It 's the way to the Stanley products are made by many people to help them choose to leave the world of ordinary business and / or stay at home to become the world's business, associations and businesses. The essential elements are the products of Stanley estimates for new and / or carry on business, firm or company. These assessments provide a quick check of what's really happening inside a company that can give stay at home business entrepreneur or a CEO of a large company offers advice to keep the business to make money.

The most important part of Stanley products is to provide assurance to the house a good opportunity to get a lot. Many companies will be rewarded with a small home business is initiated to comments, suggestions and new ideas. Stanley home products allow people to form opinions on what they do at the right time now for a profit and Wise. You can find it from

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Choosing Center Based Care or Home Based Care for Children

Some child care centers are business run for profit, while others, called non-profit organizations, charge fees that just cover expenses. Still others are funded by the city, state, or federal government. Finally some centers are run by businesses that offer child care as a benefit to their employees or customerrs.

Each state has an agency that licenses child care centers, A center must meet minimum health and safety requirements in order to be licensed. The license state also limits the number of children a center may accept, depending on space, facilities, and number of people on the staff.

Professionals in the child care field have created a system to recognize centers that meet high standards. Child care centers can chose to join the Nation Association for the Education of Young Children. Members apply to the association for accreditation. This involves a review of the facilitys staff, programs, and environment to see if they meer the associations strict criteria

Parents can choose from several center based child care options:

Child care centers Child care centers primarily serve children whose parents work outside the home. The typical center offers children variety of activities. Some centers emphasize learning activities, while others allow more time for informal play. Usually there is a daily routine with time set aside for meals, naps, and indoor and outdoor play.Child care centers may offer half day or full day programs. Most child care centers are designed for children two years old and older, although some provide care for infants and young toddlers.

Parent cooperatives In a parent cooperative, or co-op, child care is provided by the parents of the children in the co-op. The parents take turns staffing the co-op, which is usually in a facility other than a home. A preschool teacher or another qualified child care provider may organize the program and guide the parents.A co-op program cost considerably less than a child care center. It may not be an option, however, for families in which both parents work full time.

Preschools Preschools provide educational programs for children ages three to five. They typically offer activities that help children develop in all areas. The staff usually includes one or more teachers and a number of assistant teachers. Preschools usually offer half day sessions from tow to five days a week. Some centers offer both child care for younger children and preschool programs for three to five year olds. A growing trend is for children to attend a pre-kindergarten program the year before kindergarten.

Specialized Preschools Some preschools provide specialized programs that differ from the traditional approach. Some may use special learning materials, and children are encouraged to learn by exploring and experimenting and are given the freedom to move from one activity to another as they wish.. Some use high scope, this program encourages children to l earn through active experiences with people, material, and events, rather than through direct teaching.

Head Start centers The head start program is funded by the federal government. It provides locally run child care facilities designed to help lower income and disadvantaged children from birth to five years old become ready for school. Most head start centers have half day sessions. It also provides children with meals, health care, and social services. Parents are expected to be actively involved in the Head Start Program.

Home based care Many young children receive home based care from a caregiver who comes to their home. Family child care is similar, but takes place in the caregivers home. Parents may choose home based care because they feel a home setting may be easier for their children to adjust to. Home based care may also be convenient for parents, it may be closer to home, and the hours may be more flexible .Some like this arrangement because the child care provider is a relative, friend, or neighbor. Someone they know and trust. Home based care usually involves a smaller group of children than center based care. For this reason, many parents prefer home based care for infants or other children who need a lot of individual attention.

There are three main types of home based care: Care in the childs own home Many parents have their child cared for by someone who comes to their home. In home is convenient, but it can be costly. Also, the child may not have a chance to play with other children. Some families hire a nanny, a person trained to provide child care. The nanny may live with the family or come to the home daily. Although this arrangement is fairly expensive, a nanny can offer reliable and stable care at almost any time of day.

Family Child Care Another option for parents is family child care. In this situation, a child care provider cares for a small group of children in his or her own home. The group often includes the providers own children. Family child care offers children the comfort of a hoem setting with opportunities for social interaction. Also, because the group size is small, the child care provider can give the children individual attention. Family child care usually costs less than in home care.

Play groups Some parents and children take part in a play group. In this arrangement , parents take turns caring for oen anothers children in their own homes. A play group is similar to family child care, but it involves a number of different homes and different caregivers. Most play groups involve no fees because the work is shared. This type of care is best suited for parent who dont work full time but want their children to have the opportunity to socialize with other children.

Some states require child care providers to have a license which means they are registered with the state and meet the health and safety standards, even if its from home.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Guide To Dog Training - Instant Dog Mastery Course Review

A Guide To Dog Training

Before starting dog training, it is best that you know your options well. These days you can find many types of dog training, in many different places. These trainings vary in price and each one them has something different to offer.

The first type of dog training is known as puppy preschool. This is a dog training course meant for puppies that are about 6 weeks to 5 months old. These puppy preschool classes generally last for no more than 6 to 8 weeks. In these training sessions, your puppy is essentially taught how to socialize with people and as well as other puppies. Here your puppy also begins to learn how to sit down, stay at a place, and how to come.

The second type of dog training course is meant for the dogs that are at least 5 months old. This type of dog training is known as the basic dog training. The duration of these classes is usually about 8 to 10 weeks. This is the b asic course, where your dog is taught the art of walking properly on a leash, sitting, staying, coming and heeling.

The third type of dog training course is known as the intermediate dog training. This dog training aims at teaching the dog mostly the same things that are taught in the basic training course, in a more detailed form. Here the dog is trained to stay for a longer span of time, and is also taught to follow the orders given by other people.
The intermediate dog training generally lasts for about 8 to 10 weeks, and is meant for those that are no less than 5 months old. It is essential for the dog to have completed its basic dog training course, or to be accustomed to the basic commands that could have been taught by the owner.

The next type of training course is known as the advanced dog training course. Here, once again, the course is quite similar to its previous one, i.e., the intermediate dog training course, except for the fact that this time it is more detailed. Here, the dog is taught how to sit even without you in the view.

This training course is about 8 to 10 weeks long, and is meant for those that have completed their intermediate training. Here, they are also trained to walk beside their owners without a leash. Moreover, it gradually prepares the dog to take the Canine Good Citizen training course.
The Canine Good Citizen training for dogs is the last course. To pass this course, your dog will be taught the 10 necessary aspects.

This course is strictly meant for those dogs that have completed all the previous courses. The test is quite tough and can only be passed if the dog is really well behaved. Depending on whether your dog can pass, the course can last for several weeks.

Keeping this information in mind, you should be able to decide the dog training course best suited for your dog. However, you may seek the opinion of your local dog trainers to know more. Many trainers consult for free. So now you should be at least a step closer to introducing your dog into a training course!

Do you want to learn the exact same strategies and tactics that Pro Dog trainers use everyday in their Dog Training Businesses to solve dog behavior problems once and for all? If yes, then you need to get a copy of The Instant Dog Training Mastery Home Study Course
Click here ==> The Instan t Dog Training Mastery Home Study Course

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Monday, February 18, 2013

What Happens if the Flat Above Has a Water Tank Leak; Can I Claim?

One of the most inconvenient and infuriating types of damage in your flat is the damage caused by water. Even worse is the damage caused by water from the flat above your own! The damage caused by a water tank can not only destroy the walls, floors, and carpets of your home, but it can be extremely dangerous if mould begins to grow. Mould from water damage can cause sickness and even death in some cases.

So, as we have it, many people who live in flats throughout the United Kingdom have experienced this very scenario - the water tank in the flat above has a major leak and their flat below is flooded. Almost every person living in the flat beneath has had the same question, "What happens if the flat above has a water tank leak, can I claim?" The answer to that question is going to be a great big happy "yes" in most cases, as long as you have the proper home insurance coverage.

Although water damage is usually part of any basic home insurance covera ge policy, it is important to remember that domestic water damage is not included or covered by all policies. Be sure to read through your coverage carefully, and if you are shopping for new home insurance make sure domestic water damage is covered. Just remember, even when you are covered for water damage, all types of damage caused by water are not covered.
With any home insurance policy, any water damage caused by an accident, such as a burst pipe, is going to be covered. This will usually apply to any damage caused by a water tank leak in the flat upstairs that happens to damage your flat as well. It is important to remember, however, that damage caused by neglect or disrepair is not going to be covered. This is where it can get tricky when the water damage comes from the flat above. If you are not sure if a plan you are considering will cover this type of scenario, simply ask your insurance agent.

If the flat above you has undergone a water tank leak, one of the first things you will need to do when the water tank from the flat above has leaked into your home is to take plenty of pictures of the damages caused to your belongings and the flat itself. A still camera is great, but a video camera is even better. You will want to make a written summary of what each image portrays as well.

If your flat has been damaged by water from the flat above, it is best to file the water damage claim right away. This means informing your insurance company immediately about the damages you are going to claim. Once you make contact with your insurance agent regarding the water damage, he or she will walk you through the procedure necessary to file your claim. During such a time, always have your insurance agent's phone numbers handy and keep a record of all calls, emails, and conversations.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tactics To Ease And Avoid Water And Fire Damage

To repair fire and water damage is a hard task and restoration action is a key. If your house has suffered fire or water damage, here are a few opening steps to take to ensure you can get your house back into shape as soon as possible. You must be careful and beware from the steps and tactics which you should be adopted to lessen the problems of fire and water damage.

By fire, be certain to look for structural damage to walls, roofs, stairs, ceilings, and floors before you move on to assessing fewer significant damages. Be careful when water damage happens and be aware of possible electrical damage, mainlyif water was involved, in order to avoid grave injury. In all conditions you should hire the services of fire and water damage restoration companies to lessen damage.
While your house suffers in any type of fire than the big difficulty is cleanup. As the area directly affected by fire is needed to be remodeled and restored to ensure their structural stabi lity. Beyond that, smoke and fire remain here health risks and to get rid from fire smell is impossible. After fire damage take on these steps to avert and lessen damage. home fires can be prevented by following a few simple procedures. After that, be sure to clean all other larger wreckage from your house. Ventilation is also an vital
step. Most fires are caused by overheated electrical wires, accidents with fire, or misplaced space heaters so keep all electric wire in good form. Candles are another danger that can cause home fires, mainly when they are left unattended or placed too close to drapes.
One more cause of home fires is a fireplace or a wood stove. Be sure to have your chimney cleaned at least every other year and use a screen to keep sparks from jumping out into the room.
One of the biggest reasons of home fires, mainly in the winter, is space heaters. If you are using space heaters in your home, be sure to leave plenty of space around them. Don' t place the heater near curtains, drapes, or cloth furniture, as these can catch fire from being in close proximity to the heating element. Be sure that kerosene heaters are not in danger of tipping, as this will cause kerosene to leak out and catch fire.
Unlock all windows, and use fans to air the affected rooms to help get rid of the smell. Be certain to clean primary, however, as using fans around dust, soot and other fine dusts can cause respiratory distress. At last, call in a fire and water damage restoration company to do the real dirty work. They have tools and events at the ready that no average homeowner has access to.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Strategies To Cut And Avoid Fire Damage

To repair fire and water damage is a hard task and restoration operation is a vital. If your house has suffered fire or water damage, here are a few beggining steps to take to ensure you can get your house back into shape as soon as possible. You must be cautious and beware from the steps and strategies which you should be opted to lessen the troubles of fire and water damage.

With fire, be certain to look for structural damage to walls, roofs, stairs, ceilings, and floors before you move on to assessing fewer important damages. Be cautious when water damage take place and be aware of possible electrical damage, especiallyif water was involved, in order to avoid serious injury. In all conditions you should hire the services of fire and water damage restoration companies to lessen damage.
While your house suffers in any sort of fire than the big problem is cleanup. As the area directly affected by fire is wanted to be remodeled and restored to guarantee the ir structural stability. Beyond that, smoke and fire rest here health risks and to get rid from fire smell is not possible. After fire damage take on these steps to avert and lessen damage. home fires can be barred by following a few simple procedures. After that, be sure to remove all other larger wreckage from your house. Ventilation is also an significant
step. Many fires are caused by overheated electrical wires, accidents with fire, or misplaced space heaters so keep all electric wire in best form. Candles are another hazard that can reason home fires, especially when they are left unattended or placed too close to drapes.
Another reason of home fires is a fireplace or a wood stove. Be sure to have your chimney cleaned at least every other year and use a screen to keep sparks from jumping out into the room.
One of the chief basis of home fires, especially in the winter, is space heaters. If you are using space heaters in your home, be sure to leave plent y of space around them. Don't place the heater near curtains, drapes, or cloth furniture, as these can catch fire from being in close nearness to the heating element. Be sure that kerosene heaters are not in danger of tipping, as this will reason kerosene to leak out and catch fire.
Open all windows, and use fans to ventilate the affected rooms to help get rid of the smell. Be certain to clean primary, however, as using fans around dust, soot and other fine dusts can reason respiratory distress. Finally, call in a fire and water damage restoration company to do the real dirty work. They have equipment and actions at the ready that no average homeowner has access to.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

What is a Business Opportunity Lead Really?

If you have started a network marketing business and have decided to purchase business opportunity leads to grow your organization STOP. Do nothing until you fully understand what these leads are. Keep reading to get the skinny on biz op leads.

These business opportunity leads (also called biz op leads) are people who have filled out a form requesting information about working from home.

Generally after someone buys a product online, a pop up ad or banner ad will appear, prompting the customer to fill out a quick survey. The survey might ask a few questions like:

1. Would you be interested in earning money from home?

2. How many hours a week do you have available to work from home?

3. How much money would you like to earn per month from home?

After answering this survey the person fills in their name, phone number, email and sometimes physical address.

What Happens After the Prospect Completes The Survey?


Once the business opportunity leads are generated. Meaning the prospect has completed the survey and given his/her contact information. That persons name and other personal data are then SOLD to different marketers.

Sometimes one lead can be sold to 30, 40 or even 50 different Marketers!

What does that mean for you - The Marketer?

That means you pay $100 per month for a business opportunity leads subscription, and each month these leads are delivered to your email box.

It also means that you have to compete with the other 30 or 40 Marketers that are trying to get your lead to join THEIR business.

What a mess!

Biz op leads are not ALL bad though. However they have a very specific place you your business building efforts.

The Lesson Here

Before you buy into anything that is suppose to help your business, DO YOUR RESEARCH first. Understand the pros and the cons of what ever you spend your money on, and you will be in a much better place financially in growing your business.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Home Based Business Opportunity Leads...the Power of Seo! Why Use it for Your Leads?

If you are looking at generating your own home based business opportunity leads, you will find that there are many ways both ethically and unethically to do so. After having been through the mill so to speak, I think using SEO (search engine optimization) is definately the way to go. No way around it though, it takes a lot of work.

Why would you use SEO to gather home based business opportunity leads to your web site?

The first reason that stands out is that it is free! There is some money involved in getting a domain name and a hosting service. It is not that expensive and those are things you need anyway if you are using the internet to get started in your home based business. Chances are there is a good reason why you are looking at getting involved with a business at this time. It is probably because (at the very least) you need to supplement your existing income. The economy is in a sad state and there is a vast amount of people who have lost almost ha lf of their retirement funds. One of the reasons I began looking at SEO to obtain business opportunity leads is partly because of the lack of funds personally for me to do it any other way.

The second reason is the targeted traffic you receive!

Advertising is the bread and butter in how search engines like Google make their money. When people search the internet, they are using search engine advertising when they look for specific services, products, or items. We are either purchasing or selling our products on the web. If we are looking for information, that again tends to point to either buying or selling. Each year more and more are doing their buying or selling on the internet. It is much easier and often cheaper than driving to a retail store.

When people use search phrases in our browsers, we end up getting pages of search engine results. If we have our web site on the front page of those results, people could possibly click on "our" link. This then becomes a home based business opportunity lead that is "specifically" looking for what we have to offer!

These are people "looking" for what you and I have to offer and are the highe st quality of leads you can obtain!!

Why should I do this now?

Just like everything else, SEO will become the viable option as more and more people look to the internet. Getting certain keyword phrases will certainly become more competitive. Another thing to note is there is only so many web sites that can be listed on the first several pages. Anything after 3 or 4 pages down in the search engine results probably will not see much traffic.

Why is that?

Think about what "you" do when you are searching for something on the internet. Seldom will we "scroll" down 4, 5, or 10 pages looking for something. Usually we stop after the first couple of pages. There really is not much middle ground here. You either get to the top for your search engine results or you lose!

Using SEO though to drive the highest level of home based business opportunity leads to your site can be very powerful no matter what you are involved in.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do Not Miss Out Your Home Business Opportunity

To start your home business opportunity you need to build up your leads. If you do not generate leads to build your network you do not have a business on hand. Any kind of leads is good enough if it helps to multiply your prospecting over and over again.

All you have to do to start a home business is to follow these 3 powerful steps:

Step No.1 - Create a Landing Page

In order to capture a person details when they landed on your page for the first time (that is why it is called a landing page) you need to create one. Remember the look and feel of this page have to be conducive for your visitors to engage with you.

You even have to "sell" your free gifts and provide that relevant information of your topic in order to entice your visitor to give you their personal details.

Your opt-in box has to be very prominent, attractive and concise and you must speak directly about providing the information and how it will be used to send them the free offer that you promised or some regular newsletter.

Step No.2 - Pursue your leads

Once they are in your lists, start sending them emails to promote your products or services. Put a link in your email that connects them to your selling page or website.

So now you know that a landing page or a squeeze page is very important in your home business. It acts as an intermediate between your pre-selling and the actual product, where your leads are captured.

Step No.3 - Follow up and promote your opportunity to the leads

Once you have leads in your network, start to promote and keep on following up to these leads. You can send them on a regular basis informative emails or newsletter that can build their interest into the opportunity.

By some nature of your business that required face-to-face discussion, you can invite them to a business opportunity meeting or seminar where they can get to learn about the opportunity venture in a proper setting.

Starting out with your home business opportunity can be as simple as that if you have captured your leads and build your own network of people.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Discover Three Easy Strategies That will Drive Traffic To Your Work at Home Business Opportunity!

Trying to create your work at home business opportunity requires a lot of work, plus you must follow some proven techniques of building your online marketing business. Otherwise, you will be doing a lot of effort and all for zilch.

In order to get your work at home business opportunity to be a success you need to generate traffic from various sources. openinga blog is an easy way to build recognition on the internet and also to gain position with the search engines, namely Google. By writing a blog, you can then send it out to numerous social sites, using which does all the work for you with just one touch of the button. This will also create what's called backlinks to your site and the more relevant backlinks you have the higher the ranking that google will give you. This equates into more traffic, more prospects and more sales.

Once you have started writing your blog, the next action would be to submit your post as an article, so artic le writing and blogging go hand in hand. I use what's called an auto submitter to send out my blog post or articles if you will. Again with one click of the button, it will submit to 3 to 4 hundred directory's for you. That also gives you 3 to 4 hundred backlinks to your site, so the search engines will start moving your blog into a upper ranking.
Another great supply of traffic for your work at home business opportunity is visiting forums that are connected to your site. Read what's being posted, answer questions that others might pose and always make sure that you fill out your auto signature file. Every forum allows you to do that and that's going to be your advertisement for your business. Usually 20 to 30 minutes per day is all that's needed for the forums, for the reason that you only want to pick out around 5 or so to visit each day. No need to join hundreds and never find the time to join in the discussion.

As you're generating traffic to your internet marketing business, make certain that you have selected an autoresponder to have a collection of names and email address's and allow your visitors to opt in. This is called constructing your list and it's awfully important to do. The reason is the average person doesn't buy until they have seen your ad atleast 7 times. By having the autoresponde r working for you, they can take delivery of a followup message from you every day or 3 or 4 times a week, depending on what you settle on.

Offer a free ebook, video and something as a gift for joining your list, or even put out a weekly newsletter depending on what your niche market is of course. Make sure the information is informative and beneficial to your readers and they will look forward to receiving it each week. Not to talk about ad sales once your list has grown to a larger quantity, but don't over due the number of ads, or else subscribers will start to cancel on you.

While you're here reading my blog, be sure to opt into my list and I have 5 Free videos for you that I know will help you to explode your business. The videos are Free and just my way of saying thank you for coming by and taking your time to read this.

Visit my about page if you'd like to know a little more about me also.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

The new age home business opportunities

Many people tend to be lazy and wish they could work out of home. Thus it would give them the much needed comfort and a chance to earn a living. However running a successful home based business is no child's play.

With the advent of internet, many home based business opportunities have sprung up for those who do not wish to leave the security of working out of home. The main benefits of opting for internet based money making opportunities are that you can work from anywhere and at your convenience.

One of the home business opportunities includes web designing. People with good web designing skills can help in the designing of many different websites springing up on day today basis. Thus you can use your designing skills to earn a handsome living.

Another great home business opportunity includes affiliate marketing. People with good marketing skills can help drive potential customers to different websites. They can thus help in the overall increase in the business of the said website and claim good revenues for the same.

People with good writing skills can opt for content writing on the internet. With the ever increasing number of websites springing up, they are bound to need good content for their websites to help drive customers to them. Thus a content writer can earn a living with his writing skills.

One can also try out referral services online for those seeking help. It means that you can refer different people to business owners. If these owners get the help of these personnel then they are bound to pay you a commission for the same.

People who are professionals in their respective fields can also consider providing consultant services to people seeking them. Thus they can work out of home and still earn respectable money. It only depends on the amount of hard work you are ready to put in to earn a living.

Other home business opportunities include software development. If you have the necessary skills to develop certain kind of software, then you can earn a lot. Especially as there are many businesses that require software professionals to bug-debug their software for better results.

You will find that these days there are innumerable home business opportunities. But the key to success lies in your will to do hard work. Besides you will always be able to enjoy the benefits of working out of home and still earn a reputable living.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Home Business Surveyed Leads

If you are a Home Business owner, you may be considering Lead Purchasing. Work-From-Home Leads are great resources for Home Business expansion. Work-At-Home Leads provide you with the contact information of individuals who are interested in starting their own Home-Based Businesses. This is highly beneficial to Home Business Opportunity Promoters, because it provides them with prospects.

While researching the benefits of Work-From-Home Leads, you will find that there are various sorts. You will come across Area Code Leads, Phone Verified Leads, Surveyed Leads and many other types. With so many options, how do you know which types to choose? It is actually a good thing to have so many options. But it can also be very confusing when trying to make a decision.

Surveyed Home Business Leads are one of the options sure to bring success to your Home Business. A Surveyed Lead is a Lead that has been surveyed and asked additional questions. These Leads give you more information about the individuals you will be contacting.
When it comes to Work-From-Home Business Opportunity Leads, you want to have as much information as possible. The ideal Home-Based Business Surveyed Lead will include the following additional information (in addition to the usual contact info): why they want a business, how much money they have to invest, how much time they can put towards a business and when they would like to get started. By knowing the answers to all of these questions, you are able to build a more stable relationship with your prospects in a much more timely manner. You can also build their trust quickly.

Surveyed Work-At-Home Leads give you the opportunity to connect with your prospects on a personal level. If you would like your Home-Based Business to experience total explosive growth, you should consider purchasing Surveyed Leads.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Protect & Winterize Home Before Heading South: Tips for Snowbirds

If you're a snowbird who will be heading south soon to escape the cold winter months, here's a list of steps you can follow to winterize your home and protect your property before you go. Investing the extra time to properly prepare and secure your home before you depart will free you from the worries of leaving an empty house and minimize costly repair bills.

Yard Clean gutters to prevent ice dams and allow melting snow to drain away from the house (and not into the basement); trim tree branches located near the home and power lines; arrange for a snowplow service to plow driveway and shovel walkway so your home looks occupied after major snowstorms.

Water system Turn off and drain the water heater; wrap all pipes in unheated areas of the home including attic, basement, crawlspace and garage with insulated tape or flexible molded pipe sleeves; install awater alarm and flood sensorthat will alert you of flooding before extensive damage is done; backwash water softener system and disconnect; check sump pump to be sure it is working properly and not blocked; turn off outside water faucets using basement shut-off valve; leave faucets open to prevent freezing and cracking; disconnect, drain and store garden hoses in garage or shed; turn off and drain outdoor sprinkler system.

Seal air leaks Inspect exterior doors and windows for drafts and install weather-stripping and caulking where you detect cold air leaks; close fireplace damper; replace damper door if it is deteriorating; seal air leaks around other exterior openings including dryer vents, pipes and electrical wiring.

Heating system Have a professional inspect your furnace to ensure that it is working properly; clean or replace the filters; set thermostat to around 55F (12.7C) to prevent frozen pipes; install aphone-based freeze alarmorInternet thermostatto alert you of changing conditions, such as a power outage and/or drop in temperature.

Appliances Turn off and disconnect water lines to washing machine and leave the valves open; throw out perishable foods in refrigerator and freezer; leave refrigerator and freezer running or empty them completely, unplug and prop doors open; unplug TVs, computers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances that are vulnerable to sudden power surges.

Security Install automatic timers to turn inside lights on and off at random times so home appears occupied; install exterior spotlights and floodlights with timers and/or motion detectors to deter intruders; partially close blinds, drapes and shades to make it difficult for intruders to look in while still giving the impression that the house is occupied; hide all expensive items and lock up any valuables or move them off-site; install avideo surveillance systemto remotely monitor your home through live or playback video and watch over the Internet or a smart phone; or, consider installing anautodialer remote monitoring systemthat can be customized to monitor for temperature changes, security, flooding, humidity, smoke and more.

Alert trusted neighbors and local police that you will be away; ask neighbors to check on the house weekly and leave them a contact phone number, or, hire a professional caretaking service to check inside and outside the house each week; install aDIY wireless security systemto contact you directly of a break-in or disturbance.

Mail, newspapers and utilities Stop mail and newspaper delivery; ask the post office to forward first class mail so you can stay current on bills; contact your internet provider and cable company to stop service or start vacation hold.

Insurance Check your homeowners insurance policy to be sure you have adequate coverage; contact your insurer to learn what precautions you must take to ensure coverage during an extended absence (many policies have clauses excluding homes not occupied for 30+ days);prepare an inventory of your home's contentsand bring it with you in case you have to file a claim while you are away; photograph or videotape your home and valuables and note date of purchase and original cost.

Most of these steps to prepare and winterize your home can be accomplished yourself in a weekend, although it's advisable to have a reputable plumber or HVAC service person inspect your water and heating systems. If you are really concerned about leaving your home empty for an extended period of time, consider hiring areliable house-sitterwho can run the household, oversee home maintenance, watch out for emergencies 24/7, and even care for pets.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

General Information About Vitamins

Where does the word "vitamin" come from?

The words "vitamin" is derived from the Latin word vita (life) and the biochemical term amine (nitrogen-containing) because vitamins are required for life and were originally thought to be amines. Vitamins are organic compounds required by humans in small amounts from the diet.

What are vitamins?

A vitamin is an organic (carbon-containing) substances derived from plants and animals that human body must have in very small amounts. Without vitamins the human body would not survive, vitamins are required for normal growth, metabolism (creating energy in your cells), and health. Vitamins are needed to make enzymes and hormones, which are important substances human body uses to make all the chemical reactions needed to live. Most of us get enough of vitamins from our food, but it may be necessary for some people to take a vitamin supplement, because an ongoing shortage of vitamins will lead to failed health, weakness, susceptibility to disease.

The body needs at least 13 different vitamins to function properly: Vitamin A - Retinol; Vitamin B complex (B1 - Thiamine; B2 - Riboflavin; B3 - Niacin; B6 - Pyridoxine; B12 - Cyanocobalamin; B9 - Folic acid; B5 - Pantothenic acid; H - Biotin); Vitamin C - Ascorbic acid; Vitamin D - Calciferol (can be obtained through sunlight); Vitamin E - Tocopherol; Vitamin K - Menaquinone.

There are two types of vitamins: fat soluble and water-soluble.

Fat-soluble vitamins

Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble, they dissolve in fat but not water. Once these vitamins are absorbed by the body, they are stored mostly in the fatty tissues and in the liver. The liver provides the primary storage tissue for vitamins A and D. Vitamin E is stored mainly in body fat and to a lesser extent in reproductive organs. Relatively little vitamin K is stored.

Because you can store these vitamins, you don't have to get a supply of them every day. However, eating fats or oils that are not digested can cause shortages of fat-soluble vitamins. On the other hand, getting too much of these vitamins, particularly vitamins A and D, can lead to toxic levels in the body and cause problems.

Water-soluble vitamins

The water-soluble vitamins - vitamin C and all the B vitamins - need to dissolve in water before your body can absorb them. Because of this, your body can't store these vitamins in any significant amounts. The water-soluble vitamins your body doesn't use are removed by your kidneys and come out in your urine, so you need a fresh supply of these vitamins every day. You can't really overdose on water-soluble vitamins, unless you take truly massive doses.

Water-soluble vitamins are easily destroyed or washed out during food storage or preparation. Proper storage and preparation of food can minimize vitamin loss. To reduce vitamin loss, refrigerate fresh produce, keep milk and grains away from strong light, and use the cooking water from vegetables to prepare soups.

How to get vitamins?

It is best to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs through the food you eat. A daily diet of varied foods can provide you with needed vitamins and minerals for maintaining a healthy body. To get the most vitamins possible from your food, refrigerate fresh produce and keep milk and grains away from strong light. Vitamins are easily destroyed and washed out during food preparation and storage.

There are also a number of other factors that deplete our bodies of important vitamins:

* Smoking - strips 25mg of vitamin C for each cigarette smoked. * Stress - utilizes a lot of B-complex vitamins and minerals. * Eating sugar and other refined products - will strip chromium, zinc, vitamin B3 and other minerals from the body.

Too little of just one vitamin may disturb the body's balance and lead vitamin deficiency. Some deficiencies can be cured simply by eating foods that contains the vitamin that you need. Other deficiencies lead to diseases and conditions that are more difficult to treat.

However, taking too many vitamins can also be dangerous. This is especially true of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K: it is harder to get rid of excess of these vitamins in the body. You should never take extra vitamins and minerals without talking to your doctor first. Your doctor may also suggest taking extra vitamins or minerals if you have certain health problems.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Make Money Online - 7 Strategies to Help You Make Money Online And Work From Home

On January 1, 2010 A Google search for "Make Money Online" showed a whopping 11 million results! There are so many confusing options that it is hard to decide which option to choose. What is more, "Make Money Online" is synonymous with scams. The Internet is full of Get Rich Quick Scams and Make Money Online Scams.

In fact it is very difficult to find legitimate ways to work from home and make money online. However, if it was really impossible to make money online then popular websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google, etc. would not be making millions of dollars on the internet. Are they not "Making Money Online"? Is it necessary to be a geek if you got to make money online? What exactly does it take to become a successful Internet entrepreneur even if you are not a software engineer?

Throughout the ages we have seen how the poor wish that they had more money to enjoy their lives, and how the rich wish that they had more time and better health to enjoy their lives. Some people genuinely need more money. Some people desire to work from home and spend more time with their family. Some people, whether they desire more money or not, are so caught up in making a living that they forget how to live. Whatever it is, the truth is that most of us often wish to have more money and more free time. What would make it possible to get the best of both the worlds? Anyone who wants to have lots of money, lots of free time, lots of fun, better health, more happiness, more freedom, more success, and more control over their lives should pause and reflect, "Is it really possible to have all of them together or is that a pipe dream"? Contrary to what some ancient philosophers might have said, in this new age of the Internet it is indeed possible to live this dream and you will soon discover how easy it is to make your dreams come true!

Have you ever thought what you will do when you have lots of money and lots of fre e time at your disposal? Have you ever visualized a new, exciting lifestyle which gives you the freedom to live the life that you love and do all that you have ever wanted to do - be your own boss, live life on your own terms, travel around the world, buy a luxurious car, finance your college education, step into your own house, spend more quality time with your family and friends, take care of a loved one, take your family on a holiday, pursue your hobbies, devote yourself to a cause, or buy that expensive gift for someone special? What will you do when you have an abundance of money, time, freedom, and control over your life?

Hard work pays, but sometimes people who work too hard often have a hard time enjoying their health, life, and money. The equation for real freedom is: -

Lots of Money + Lots of Free Time = Lots of Fun!

A mobile lifestyle that uses technology to put your income on autopilot is indeed the n ew world dream! More and more people are getting bored of bureaucracy, red tape, dirty office politics, and the typical 9 to 5 rat race. These are the fetters that bind the feet of creative, adventurous souls who want to live life to its fullest.

A "mobile lifestyle" is a lifestyle that gives you the freedom to work from wherever you wish, and whenever you wish. It allows you to make big money and still have lots of fun and lots of free time. Even millionaires covet this lifestyle, because often millionaires don't have the time to enjoy their riches.

Even if you are hard pressed for time, take one small step in the right direction at a time, and you will finally find that you have taken that giant leap of coming out of the rut sooner than you think. You will soon find yourself enjoying a new, exciting lifestyle.

Thanks to the modern Internet age and the ease of global trade, it is possible for anyone to reach millions of people w orldwide and grow rich without any soul-crushing, back-breaking hard work. To earn while you sleep or while you spend quality time with your family and friends is no longer pulp-fiction but reality! Working long hours stuck in a stuffy office is a thing of the past. Today whether you are relaxing on the world's most beautiful beach or sailing to your dream destination in a cruise ship, the Internet allows you to reach out to millions of people worldwide and to run your business from anywhere. And as you already know, computers continue to work for you while you are partying, sleeping, or dreaming!! Have you ever imagined what it would be like to earn millions while you are on a vacation with your family and friends, enjoying your life?

Here Are The Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online, working from home or from anywhere you want: -

1.) Earn Money by Selling / Promoting Other People's Products or Services (Join Affiliate Programs):

Affiliate Programs are also known as "Associate Programs", "Referral Programs", "Partner Programs", etc. An affiliate program is a business model in which a business rewards you for each visitor or customer that you send to their business website. You sign up for free with a merchant to advertise their products or services on your blog or website, and then you get paid a commission (upto 75% of the sale value!) based on the sales that you generate. A cool way to automate your income is to join a recurring affiliate program. High earning potential and highly recommended.

2.) Make Money by Becoming a Professional Blogger:

If you are passionate about writing, you can ea rn money by becoming a professional blogger. If you have good writing skills and if you are very passionate about a niche topic then you can write blogs and make tens of thousands of dollars per month by sharing your knowledge and helping millions of people who read your blogs to choose the right products and services. However, your success as a professional blogger not only depends on your writing skills and sincerity but also on your marketing skills.

3.) Earn Money by Monetizing Your Blog or Website:

Blog monetization or website monetization is the process of converting existing traffic being sent to a particular blog or website into revenue. You do that by displaying advertisements and/or banners on your site. Every time someone clicks an advertisement on your site you get paid an amount ranging from a few cents to several dollars, based upon a number of factors. These advertisements are called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. To display PPC advertisements and banners on your blog or website you need to create free accounts with AdSense (or other similar sites such as Obeus, Bidvertiser, AdBrite, Chitika, Kontera, AdHitz, etc.) and then copy and paste the HTML code which they will provide you for your site. This is a neat way to autopilot your income. Another way to monetize your blogs and website is to join free affiliate programs and display affiliate advertisements. In fact, you will make much more money with affiliate programs than with PPC advertisements.

4.) Earn Money by Selling Photographs and Drawings Online:

Here is the coolest way to have fun and get paid for it - travel around the world (or just around your own neighborhood), take good quality photographs, upload them to sites such as ShutterStock, iStockPhoto, etc. for free and get paid each and every time someone downloads a copy of any of your photographs! These photographs should have some co mmercial value. Remember, these graphics are purchased by professional web designers, screen saver developers, magazine editors, and other people who will use them for commercial purposes. If you are good at drawing, you can get paid to draw by scanning your drawings and selling them in the same way as you sell photographs. For the free spirited, artistic soul this is the perfect, fun way of making money online.

5.) Earn Money by Selling Items on eBay and Other Similar Sites:

Many people earn hundreds, even millions of dollars by selling things on eBay, CQout, eBid, Amazon, and other eCommerce sites. You can sell almost everything that is legal - electronics, cars, clothing, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, antiques, real estate, etc. This is a perfect work from home job and you save a lot of money because by working from home you don't have to pay any shop rent and other shop or store related expenses such as th e electricity and maintenance bills. Apart from that you are selling to millions of potential customers worldwide, and you have the freedom to work whenever you want. You are your own boss. You can exponentially increase your revenues by simultaneously selling on eBay and other competing sites (e.g. CQout, which is popular in Europe, especially in the UK). Some
sites even allow you to list your products for free.

6.) Earn Money by Selling Your Own Product:

If the idea of inventing a new product and making a fortune by selling it scares you, think again! A product can be something as simple as an eBook, or a T-shirt designed by you. Whether it is a simple, 10 page report in the form of a .pdf eBook or a sophisticated software product, you can be assured of making a fortune by selling a good product. If you have conceptualized a product but don't know how to develop it, you can hire experts/engineers to do it for you from m,, etc. If you have already created a great downloadable informational product, then sit back and relax - all you have to do is to list it on ClickBank and thousands of affiliates will promote it for you for a commission. You will sell thousands of copies of your informational product without any efforts from you!

Income Automated? Having others sell your products for a commission is the best way to put your income on autopilot. This is what I mean by "earn while you sleep". [However, if you lose your sleep and wake every few hours to check your increasing account balance, don't blame me ;) ] If your products are concrete, tangible objects then you can sell them on the eCommerce sites described above. If your product is a downloadable eBook, software, video, or some other informational product you might also try out and in addition to

7.) Make Real Big Money Online - The G eek Way to Make Money Online:

This is the ultimate! If you are a techie, then to make real big money, and we mean "REAL B-I-G MONEY" you need to create and own a membership website and make it extremely popular and commercially successful like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Sounds difficult? Believe me, it isn't!!

According to, Markus Frind, a programmer learning ASP.NET, single handedly created a free dating website while he was still learning ASP.NET. He works just one hour a day but makes a whopping $10,000,000 USD per year (2008 estimates) from Ads that appear within user profiles!!!

How did he do it? He kept things simple and operational costs low! And while other dating websites were charging a subscription fee to users, Markus provided the full functionality of his website to users for FREE! When I created a Plentyoffish account I was surprised to see its simple user interface, low quality of images, and a non-existent cus tomer service. The point that I want to make is that inspite of these drawbacks, the website manages to make 10 million dollars per year for its singleton owner!

The "Geek Way" is for Techies/Computer Geeks/Software Engineers, but then it is very easy for techies and maybe for you too! If you are a software engineer or a computer science student, you should give this a serious thought. If you are not a technical person but have a great idea, hire engineers and technical experts to make exactly what you tell them. You can hire them from several places such as,, etc.

Discover The Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online at

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